eCommerce Website

Are you looking forward to creating your online store and reaching all potential customers across all digital channels?

If so, we have what you are looking for to jumpstart your online business. We have an all-in-one solution for eCommerce websites.Truth is, the more engaging an online store is, the more it makes shopping enjoyable, quick and convenient.

By implementing the innovative full-experience ecommerce integration of our WebEd modules, you are able to improve your eCommerce platform and reach more online shoppers.

WebEd Modules for E-commerce:

Product Catalogue

This module allows a fully editable product catalogue with easy browsing, sorting and updating of your products and product categories. The module offers different product catalogue layouts, colors and styles to reflect the branding you want to project. Every product attribute is supported to make product management and product filtering easy.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart module is an add-on to the Product Catalogue module providing a reliable and secured shopping cart solution for your eCommerce website. You can set sale prices for products, and toggle sale prices on and off for the entire catalogue. This module inputs all customer details, freight costs and orders to the website database. Administrators can log in, view orders and create reports at any time.

Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway module works with the Shopping Cart module to integrated with various gateways to allow your store to accept credit cards. It is enabled to accept payment methods like ANZ, St. George, Suncorp, Verisign and Paypal merchant.

Key Features and benefits of our eCommerce website :

  • Scalable Product Catalogue with built-in templates designed to display your products in sleek format
  • Self-Hosted CMS allows you to customise the catalogue for convenient and faster product sorting
  • SEO-Friendly Catalogue
  • Fully-automated and integrated payment gateways and systems designed to provide flexibility in accepting various payment methods
  • Access to our 24/7 support for immediate technical assistance

Our Process


Step 1

Scope define and discuss your eCommerce requirements

Step 2

Installation of the purchasing website using WebEd eCommerce features

Step 3

Training on our CMS back-office empowering staff to so you can master the eCommerce features

Start selling online

Build an easy-to-use eCommerce website.