rogenSi Online

rogenSi, an international company, is full-service training and consultancy firm specialising in applied leadership and sales execution. Their history spans over 45 years.  In 2014  rogenSI was acquired by the Nasdaq listed US firm TeleTech, whose purpose is "to Bring Humanity to Business".  rogenSi  is the Leadership & Learning practice at TeleTech.

rogenSi is passionate about helping their clients achieve measurable results through sales and leadership execution. They are driven by the belief that an exceptional performance is a product of Alignment, Capability and Mindset.

The Requirements

rogenSi remains truthful to its value proposition and forever will – provide unparalleled trainings and consultancy programs up until desired results of one’s own company are met.

To sustain their presence online and attract more prospects, they analysed what areas of their marketing platforms need enhancement and re-alignment. Therefore, the following issues were raised:  
  1. Outdated and Old-fashioned Website design unattractive in millennial era
  2. Massive content distribution but not precise enough to target people based on their locations thereby resulting to low Search Engine Ranking
  3. Low result on numbers of people searching and viewing their case studies

The Results

rogenSi’s problem is our strength. We leverage the power of online branding, organic SEO and custom development.
Website Issue 
It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different.  rogenSi itself projects a dynamic branding and so is its prospects and clients. Applying the principles of aesthetics of a good design and updated web technology, we have rebranded their website to reflect a more vigorous and engaging look and feel.  The brand now imprints admirable appeal with improved customer-experience.

Not only did we give their website a refreshing look, the features embedded into the CMS empowered rogenSi with 90% control over their content creation and distribution.

PDF Downloadable Links
As discussed, rogenSi needed a powerful tool that will enable them to efficiently distribute their materials such as the Thought Leadership , Case Studies and other shareable resources.
Through the core module of the WebEd , we developed a snippets system for clever sorting of the case studies. The system permits customers to look for a variety of contents and tag contents to their likings. The experience made the customers to take action – forced them to download the files as they please. This definitely gained more online tractions.

SEO with Geo-Targeting
rogenSi wanted to improve their ranking through organic SEO, therefore, we have implemented our service specialty to help them achieve their desired results. We have worked with them in defining their content strategy while analysing their industry’s keywords.

On the other hand, while global massive content distribution is easier and faster, the effectiveness is far-fetched.  Geo-targeting was implemented to align the practicality of contents with customers’ needs and demographics. We adapted the Geo-IP look up so that only contents relevant to specific (customers) location are made available upon the latter landing their website’s homepage.

These three solutions gave rogenSi a more effective and user-friendly case studies searching.