Reach more Customers.

No time? A job List you can't jump Over? Missed KPIs and Opportunities?

A Marketing Assistant can help you reach more customers
by completing often missed, on-line and social media activities.


Our Marketing Assistants will:

  • Update your website content keeping it up-to-date and relevant
  • Get your website SEO optimised and ranking without expensive consultants or agencies
  • Help you measure, analyse and report using Google Analytics
  • Implement and schedule Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and reporting
  • Measure and increase the number of leads received
  • Plan and execute your social media strategies
  • Help with social media publishing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.
  • Schedule and action your email broadcasts and communication
  • Measure and report across all platforms
  • Keep CRM systems updated
  • Assist with graphic design and layout

A part-time or full-time Marketing Assistant will help you stay ahead and smash those KPIs.

Key Benefits of a Marketing Coordinator

We Provide Solutions

Keep your website up-to-date

Ensuring your website is up-to-date and relevant is time consuming but critical for brand credibility and lead acquisition. A full time or Part time Marketing Assistant can ensure your website is always up-to-date and keep it there. One email or call to your private assistant and job's done!

Reach New Customers

Use a combination of social media, credible website content and responsive forms to entice and capture new customers. Your Marketing Assistant will action and track leads to grow your customer database fast - leading to rapid business growth.

Rank in Search Results through Search Engine Optimisation

Be Seen. Be found - Is your website optimised for prominent search engine ranking? Don't trust snake oil sales techniques from 'special agencies'. Your Marketing Assistant is trained in best-practise SEO and website content updates, to get the results you deserve.

Keyword SEO analysis, optimisation reports, competitor analysis are all part of their skills. As a dedicated resource, their only focus is your results.

Google Analytics - Making the most of your web assets

Do you understand the insights available through your analytics? We can assist in accurately measuring, analysing and reporting the statistics Google Analytics provides, helping you to improve website performance and increase customer acquisition.

Get More Customers through Digital Advertising

Gain new customers and expand your reach through online advertising. We can start start new, or work with your existing campaigns to optimise improve the results. More leads. Lower investment. Proven results.

All our marketing assistants are trained in best practise, and can help with all aspects of online advertising, including Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram campaigns.




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Budget: Shared
Best Value: Full Time
Semi Shared
Engagement: Part Time Full Time Semi Full Time
Days 1 day per week 5 days per week 2.5 days per week
Hours 8 hours per day 8 hours per day 8 hours per day
Website Content Updates x x x
Graphic Design x x x
Social Media Publishing x x x
CRM Updates (or add a CRM if you don’t have one) x x x
SEO Optimisation and Reporting x x x
Google Analytics Reporting x x x
Google Adwords Management x x x
Facebook Advertising Campaigns x x x
Standard Features      
Daily / Weekly reports on activities x x x
Time tracking with screenshots x x x
Interactive Partners Rigorous hiring procedure x x x
Access to our own in house SEO team x x x
SEM Services directed by our own SEM manager x x x
Daily work checklist focussed on the results x x x
Daily Investment
(Based on work days per month) :
$189 $134 $161
Monthly Investment: $830 $2,950 $1,770
Days per week 1 5 2.5
Weekly Investment $192 $681 $408